Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I have changed the way memory sockets are described for system units.  Before, the text was something like this

RAM sockets: total/free 4(2)

it is now

RAM sockets: total 4, open-yes (2)

This is to allow users of LenovoLook, the free app for Android devices and selected BlackBerry smartphones, to locate any system units which have at least one open memory socket as shipped from the factory.  So for example, if you have installed LenovoLook on your Android device, then at least one database (e.g. US-ThinkPads), you can enter a search string like this........e450, open-yes..............and LenovoLook will find and display any and all ThinkPad E450 models that have at least one open socket unless upgraded after they left the factory.

This will help when the Lenovo Multitool database is ready for release.  Using that database, you will (1) be able to look up a FRU number - e.g. a memory module removed as part of a field upgrade, (2) find the marketing option equivalent, (3) see the price & supply of the marketing option, and (4) see a list of all the system units that support that module.   Suppose you recognise one of the system unit families (e.g. 20DC ThinkPad E450) as among those you have in your inventory. Switching databases (from Lenovo Multitool)to the appropriate system unit db (again, example US ThinkPads) you can then search using the string above, and the resulting list may be suitable homes for that memory module.