Thursday, February 14, 2013

BlackBerry version of LenovoLook now free

To make things even easier for those who would like to try LenovoLook on their BlackBerry, the app is now free.  It is a search engine, which reads databases created by PSCFG (the PC Sales Guide/Configurator tool, which is updated monthly or more frequently).  If you have not yet installed a copy of this Windows application (also free, from, there are a few sample databases on that web site.  You can create your own, with

  1. current or withdrawn Lenovo system units, options, software and services
  2. current prices and some supply values (possibly as many as Canada, USA, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany
  3. with product descriptions in English, French or German

Each database can contain one or many product families (ThinkPads, ThinkCentres, IdeaPads, ThinkStations, ThinkServers, etc.)  Or, you can load multiple databases on your smart phone.

If you have your own price/supply/SKU values for Lenovo partnumbers, please contact the Help Desk for free assistance in having PSCFG display your values.  All PSCFG needs is a text file.

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