Monday, February 4, 2013

How do I create a quote with different models ?

Sometimes you want to create a single customer-ready proposal that contains more than one model.  For example, a Server and 30 notebooks.  Here is one way you can do that, once you have started the PC Sales Guide/Configurator.

1. Create a configuration session with as few price/supply values as possible, typically one price, or even none.  Do this by clicking on File-->Start New Configuration, then on Pricing-->Column Selection.  Choose the lower of the two buttons at the top..... "Configured Parts List (Quote)" ..... then mark & Remove all the prices except the most important one for your customer.  Click on Apply, then Close. (If you have more than one price/supply value, you may end up with multiple copies of your proposal, one for each price/supply value.)

2. Create the first configuration you are proposing for your customer.  Add as many options, services and software as you like, and don't forget to fill in the customer details using Configuration-->Customer Information.

3. Click on File-->Export as Text.  Choose one of the Export Styles.  Try Default, then Preview to see what you will get.  Experiment with the other Export Styles, using Preview to help determine which is best for your situation.  Click on Save.

4.  Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the other model you want for this customer proposal.  Make sure you use the same Export Style as you did with the first system, and this time, tick the box marked "Append to destination" before you click Save.  Alternatively, in the Export as Text panel, you can Change the Destination file from to whatever you want.  You have to do this once for each different system, so it may be simpler to use the default and rename that file after you have appended all the various models contained in your proposal.  If the proposal involves multiple individual systems, like 30 notebooks, you can reflect that by using Configuration-->System Count.  Whatever number you enter will cause the total price to be a multiple of the single item price(s).

5.  The default destination is, which is a text file that you can open with Notepad.  You can Copy & Paste the contents elsewhere, or rename the file and use it as-is.  Depending on which Export Style you chose, there may be sections surplus to your requirements, which you can delete.  You can always create a new Export Style yourself, or modify one of the existing Styles, using Settings-->Export Styles.

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